Chess Puzzles on the occasion of the World Championship

Daily puzzles, videos, and more on the occasion of Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi playing the World Championship match.

All settings explained, including two new ones

Two new options were recently added to the settings dialog: "Switch to next puzzle automatically", and "Timer". This article explains all new and existing options.

Puzzle Academy updates

The Puzzle Academy beta test is in full swing with many of our patrons actively participating. Here are the most recent updates and some background.

Personalized learning with Puzzle Academy

With Puzzle Academy, you can learn and practice chess tactics systematically.

Welcome to Puzzle Climb!

We are happy to announce that Puzzle Climb is now available for all on

Update released on May, 14th 2021

A leaderboard with 100 places, improvements to competition mode, German explanations, and more!

Checkmate patterns explained

Learn checkmate patterns with explanations including arrows, highlighted squares, move annotations, and term definitions!

Updates to the competition mode

Resuming a run, leaderboard, and launch party highlights

April update including the new competition mode

New competition mode goes into beta test, changes to the patron program, new blog, announcing a newsletter, and more!

Quick Guide to the Solution View

In this post, we will give you a quick guide to the solution view. The solution view gives you a chance to get a deeper understanding of the solution to the puzzles. If you failed a puzzle it is a good chance to learn and explore why your solution didn’t work.

Update released on March, 17th 2021

Weekly puzzle video by GM Daniel King, new puzzle lists, and more improvements

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