Checkmate patterns explained

Learn checkmate patterns with explanations including arrows, highlighted squares, move annotations, and term definitions!

The twenty checkmate patterns you can learn in our levels now all have annotated solutions.
This includes arrows, highlighted squares, text annotations, and explanations.
After you complete a puzzle, click the "Solution" button to replay the solution and see the annotations.

Here is an example of a typical smothered mate:

You can see the annotations for the double check, deflection, and and checkmate pattern, that make the smothered mate so popular.

If you replay the arrows for the double check, the deflection, and the checkmate.
The squares with the blocking pieces are highlighted in the checkmate position.

When you hover over any of the terms, you get an explanation.

These annotations are now available for the following twenty checkmate patterns:

  • Lawnmower mate
  • Damiano's bishop mate
  • Lolli's mate
  • Balestra mate
  • Backrank mate
  • Highstriker mate
  • Swallow's tail mate
  • Dovetail mate
  • Epaulette mate
  • Arabian mate
  • Anastasia's mate
  • Killbox mate
  • Pillsbury's mate
  • Opera mate
  • Vukovic mate
  • Double bishop mate
  • Boden's mate
  • Bishop and knight mate
  • Smothered mate
  • David and Goliath mate

You can learn all these checkmate patterns in our levels.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Martin Bennedik

Founder of, International Correspondence Chess Master