Update released on May, 14th 2021

A leaderboard with 100 places, improvements to competition mode, German explanations, and more!


  • The leaderboard now shows the top 100 players.

Solutions explained

  • The annotated puzzle solutions are now available in German.

Competition mode

  • Added a button to review the solution of the previous puzzle. You can review any of the previous puzzles using the progress bar, but the new button is convenient.
  • Added a button to resign the current run of the competition mode. If you want to start a new run, you can now resign the current run without losing rating points.
  • Fixed a bug with resuming a run after long inactivity.
  • If you solve another puzzle in a different browser tab, you are no longer forced back into the competition mode in that tab.

Puzzle improvements

  • When repeating the position three times in a winning puzzle, this is now clearly shown. The "Take back" button is not available in that case, as you might have been forced to repeat three times already in the previous position.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Martin Bennedik

Founder of ChessPuzzle.net, International Correspondence Chess Master