April update including the new competition mode

New competition mode goes into beta test, changes to the ChessPuzzle.net patron program, new blog, announcing a newsletter, and more!

Competition mode

  • There is now a new competition mode.
  • You have three lives. If you fail a puzzle you lose one life. When you run out of lives, the game is over.
  • The puzzles start easy, and get harder while you progress.
  • Solve as many puzzles as you can to beat the high score! There is now a new section on the leaderboard for the competition.
  • The competition also introduces quick mode. After solving a puzzle, the next puzzle loads immediately. You can still navigate to the solution of the previous puzzle by clicking on the progress bar.
  • The competition mode is in early access. You can try it by becoming a ChessPuzzle.net patron.
  • You can try the new competition mode here.

Changes to the ChessPuzzle.net patron program

  • ChessPuzzle.net patrons now get early access to new features, in addition to the ad free experience.
  • The first feature in early access is the competition mode.
  • New patrons can now get the first month for just 0.99€.
  • You can now buy a yearly membership with a big discount.
  • You can now pay with US-Dollars in addition to Euros.
  • If you want to support ChessPuzzle.net, access the ad-free version, and try the new competition mode, join as a Patron here.

The site now has a blog

  • The blog is a place for guides, more detailed descriptions, and background information about ChessPuzzle.net.
  • To start, there is a guide about the solution view.
  • You can find the blog with a new entry in the main menu.

Announcing the ChessPuzzle.net newsletter

  • There is going to be a ChessPuzzle.net newsletter.
  • You can opt-in to receive the newsletter on your user profile.
  • Receive useful tips about how to use the site.
  • Follow the development of new features.
  • Get helpful lessons about improving at puzzle solving.

Mode selector

  • There is now a mode selector, where you can choose between the levels, standard practice mode, the competition, and custom training with the filter.
  • You can select the mode via the main menu item "Mode", or by pressing the button with the cog after solving a puzzle.
  • The previous main menu items "Filter" and "Levels" have been removed to make room for "Mode" and "Blog". You can now navigate to the filter or the levels via the mode selector.

Super grand master mode

  • The difficulty range in the filter was increased up to a rating of 2800.

Puzzle improvements

  • There are now some puzzles where you have to defend against check. Like all defence puzzles, these are set to experimental. Experimental puzzles are available only via the filter, until development is completed.
  • Removed some checkmate puzzles, where you get a winning material advantage, but still have to find the quickest checkmate.
  • Removed some puzzles, where only one legal move was available in the starting position of the puzzle.

Please let me know your feedback about this update!
Also, remember to sign-up for the newsletter for more information and tips about ChessPuzzle.net.

Finally, if you want to support ChessPuzzle.net, access the ad-free version, and try the new competition mode, join as a Patron here.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Martin Bennedik

Founder of ChessPuzzle.net, International Correspondence Chess Master