Improve your chess by solving chess puzzles

"Chess is 99% Tactics" - Richard Teichmann

Tactics are the most important aspect of the game for chess players of all levels, from beginner to grandmaster.

On you can learn, train, and improve your tactical skills based on positions that happened in real tournament games.

New mode: Puzzle Inception is here! This exciting new puzzle mode lets you practice positional evaluation and tactical alertness, all in one package. Try it out for free during the open beta!

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Learn chess tactics systematically with Puzzle Academy

  • Your personalized learning solution
  • Learn all important tactical motifs to improve your chess systematically
  • Keeps track of your learning progress
  • Personalizes your training based on your strengths and weaknesses
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Improve your focus and beat the highscore with Puzzle Climb

  • Focus!
  • Don't rush!
  • Solve the puzzles
  • Beat the highscore
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  • Practice vision and calculation skills
  • Get a rating to track your progress
  • Puzzles are selected based on your skill level
  • Enjoy beautiful chess puzzles
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Configure your own training with the Filter

  • Select the difficulty
  • Learn a motif, for example knight forks
  • Practice checkmate patterns like the smothered mate
  • Explore typical tactics from your openings
  • And many more options
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New feature: Endgame training

With Puzzle Academy, you can now practice endgames with a large number of examples, honing your endgame skills until they become second nature. This is much more effective than just reading about endgames in a book and hoping to remember the key concepts in the heat of a game.

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