The Tilburg chess tournament was a series of very strong chess tournaments held in Tilburg, Netherlands. It was established in 1977 and ran continuously through 1994 under the sponsorship of Interpolis, an insurance company. Fontys Hogescholen shortly revived the tournament series from 1996 to 1998, when the last edition was played. Since 1994 there is another annual chess tournament taking place in Tilburg, which has the name De Stukkenjagers, the field is generally much weaker than the traditional Tilburg tournament.

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Tournament Year Location Winner(s)
Tilburg 1998 Tilburg (Netherlands) Viswanathan Anand
Tilburg 1997 Tilburg (Netherlands) Peter Svidler
Tilburg 1996 Tilburg (Netherlands) Jeroen Piket
Tilburg 1994 Tilburg (Netherlands) Valery Salov
Tilburg 1993 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anatoly Karpov
Tilburg 1992 Tilburg (Netherlands) Michael Adams
Tilburg 1991 Tilburg (Netherlands) Garry Kasparov
Tilburg 1990 Tilburg (Netherlands) Vassily Ivanchuk
Gata Kamsky
Tilburg 1989 Tilburg (Netherlands) Garry Kasparov
Tilburg 1988 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anatoly Karpov
Tilburg 1987 Tilburg (Netherlands) Jan Timman
Tilburg 1986 Tilburg (Netherlands) Alexander G Beliavsky
Tilburg 1985 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anthony J Miles
Robert Huebner
Viktor Korchnoi
Tilburg 1984 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anthony J Miles
Tilburg 1983 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anatoly Karpov
Tilburg 1982 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anatoly Karpov
Tilburg 1981 Tilburg (Netherlands) Alexander G Beliavsky
Tilburg 1980 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anatoly Karpov
Tilburg 1979 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anatoly Karpov
Tilburg 1978 Tilburg (Netherlands) Lajos Portisch
Tilburg 1977 Tilburg (Netherlands) Anatoly Karpov