Timman, Jan

Jan Timman is a Dutch chess Grandmaster who was one of the world's leading players from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. At the peak of his career he was considered to be the best non-Soviet player and was known as "The Best of the West". He has won the Dutch Chess Championship nine times and has been a Candidate for the World Championship several times. He lost the title match of the 1993 FIDE World Championship against Anatoly Karpov.

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Ljubojevic, Ljubomir - Timman, Jan
Amsterdam OHRA I, Amsterdam OHRA I
Timman, Jan - Van Wely, Loek
Corus, Wijk aan Zee NED
Timman, Jan - Sveshnikov, Evgeny
Tilburg m , Tilburg m
Hennings, Artur - Timman, Jan
Sochi, Sochi
Timman, Jan - Short, Nigel
Candidats final, El Escorial
Timman, Jan - Ribli, Zoltan
Niksic, Niksic
Korchnoi, Viktor - Timman, Jan
CS Masters, Horgen SUI
Seirawan, Yasser - Timman, Jan
Candidats Tournament, Montpellier
Karpov, Anatoly - Timman, Jan
Tilburg , Tilburg