Puzzle Inception

Welcome to Puzzle Inception, the exciting new mode that simulates the uncertainty of chess games!

To play, evaluate positions by choosing from "White wins", "White edge", "Balanced", "Black edge", and "Black wins". Some positions have a tactic, while others do not, so you won't know if there's a tactic in advance. This is a crucial difference from just solving puzzles, as in a game you won't always know if there's a tactic.

If the evaluated position has a tactic and it's the only way to win, you'll be presented with a tactics puzzle right after the evaluation puzzle.

Puzzle Inception trains important abilities of a chess player such as positional evaluation and tactical alertness.

Puzzle Inception is currently in beta test, and your feedback is welcome. Let me know what you think and help make the mode even better!

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Update on difficulty:
Thank you for playing the beta version!
Evaluation puzzles now have rating estimates.
The difficulty of the puzzles you play will be matched with your rating.
Puzzle Inception beta is recommended for players who are comfortable with challenging chess puzzles or with a rating of at least 1600 (tournament player).
For more information about ratings, you can read this blog post.