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Customize your training

Unlock the full potential of your chess training with our highly customizable Puzzle Filter. Tailor your practice sessions to focus on specific areas, openings, endgames, or player styles.

How to use the Puzzle Filter

  1. Select the difficulty: Choose between relative (based on your own rating) or absolute difficulty.
  2. Choose a task: Pick a specific task, like winning, drawing or practicing endgames. You can also select more options, for example "checkmate in 3".
  3. Pick the type of position: Focus on opening, middlegame, or endgame positions.
  4. Filter by opening: Practice puzzles from specific openings
  5. Target specific motifs: Hone your skills on particular chess motifs such as forks or decoys.
  6. Study a player: Learn from the games of your favorite chess players.
  7. Select the color:
  8. Select White, Black, or any color.

Personalized Training with Puzzle Academy

While the Filter allows you to handpick your training preferences, Puzzle Academy takes it a step further by automatically adapting to your individual strengths and weaknesses. It tracks your progress on various skills and motifs, offering a tailored experience designed to help you improve faster.

Learn more about Puzzle Academy and how it can enhance your skills by visiting the Puzzle Academy landing page.

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