World Chess960 Championship

The World Chess960 Championship is a match or tournament held to determine a world champion in Chess960, a popular chess variant in which the positions of pieces on the players' home ranks are randomized with certain constraints. Prior to 2019 FIDE did not recognize a Chess960 world champion or sponsor regular tournaments in the format, but the Chess Classic at Mainz and other non-FIDE affiliated organizations have hosted high-profile Chess960 tournaments and matches. Time controls for Chess960 are non-standardized, and usually conform to the wishes of the tournament sponsor or organizer. As a result, Chess960 championships have been held with irregular time controls ranging from rapid (Mainz) to blitz and bullet.

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Tournament Year Location Winner(s)
FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship 2022 2022 Reykjavik (Iceland) Hikaru Nakamura
FIDE World Fischer Random Chess Championship 2019 2019 Bærum (Norway) Wesley So