Defend against check, avoid fork

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In this level your king is in check. You have to defend against the check, and avoid a fork.


Black has just given a check with Nf3+. How do you defend?
There are only two legal moves: Kg2 and Kh1.
Kg2 would allow a fork with Ne1+, and you would lose your queen.
Kh1 is the only good move.

White has just played Qa8+.
Blocking the check with Qb8 would lose a bishop to the queen fork Qc6+.
Kd7 is the only good move.


In these avoid levels, you have to spot any threats of your opponent before your move, and also after your move. This is good practice so you don't fall in the traps set by your opponent.

If you don't spot the threat, or the line to be avoided, you can always check the solution page, which shows both.

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