Defend against check, avoid discovered check

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In this level your king is in check. You have to defend against the check, and avoid losing material to a discovered check.


Black has just given a check with Rg2+.
White has two legal moves: Kh1, and Kf1. Which one is right?
Kh1 would lose the unprotected knight on d3 to the discovered check Rd2+.
Therefore White has to defend with Kf1.

Black has just played Bc5+.
Nd4, Bd4, Qe3, Qf2, and Rf2 would all lose material.
d4 would lose to a discovered check: cxd3 en passant.
The en passant capture is a special case of discovered check. The pawn moves, and captures the pawn "out of the way" of the bishop. This is possible because en passant is the only capture where the capturing piece is on a different square than the captured piece.
After cxd3+, the bishop c5 gives check, and the pawn on d3 attacks White's queen on e2.
So the solution is to avoid this and play Kh1.


In this avoid level, you have to spot the check, and all your options to defend, and you opponent's threats after each. This is good practice so you don't fall in the traps set by your opponent.

If you don't spot the line to be avoided, you can always check the solution page.

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