Puzzle Academy

Learn and practice chess tactics systematically with Puzzle Academy!

Learn 100 skills in six areas. Suitable for players rated 800 (beginner) up to 2000 (expert).

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Puzzle Academy is currently in beta test.
This test is available to ChessPuzzle.net patrons.

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Puzzle Academy is the next step in learning and practicing chess tactics systematically:

  • Includes more than 80,000 puzzles! All puzzles are categorized by motifs.
  • Motifs from the following areas are included:
    • Fundamentals
    • Tactics
    • Combinations
    • Checkmate patterns
    • Checkmate combinations
    • Defence
  • Learn a new motif with easy puzzles.
  • Then practice puzzles based on the motifs you've learned.
  • Upgrade your skills with more difficult puzzles.
  • New motifs are introduced when all required skills have been practiced.
  • Get detailed statistics how you are improving on each skill and area.
  • Personalized learning based on your individual performance on each skill.
  • All motifs are explained with text and arrows when viewing the solution.

Master chess tactics with Puzzle Academy!