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ChessPuzzle.net is an ongoing research project in algorithmic discovery of chess puzzles.

Last update October 24th, 2020. Read the release notes.

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This website and the puzzle algorithm are created and owned by Martin Bennedik.

You can contact me to send any feedback.


  • Martin Bennedik


  • Martin Bennedik
  • Oliver Koeller
  • Jens Lieberum
  • Olga Dolzhykova





  • Translation system provided by Austin Lockwood
  • Turkish translation by Bahadır Kaplan
  • Russian translation by Nikolay Poleshchuk
  • Dutch translation by Wim van Vugt
  • Finnish translation by Panu Laine
  • Chinese translation by Jin Ni
  • Hindi translation by Anil Singh
  • Arabic translation by Ahmed Abo Zakaa
  • Japanese translation by Atsushi Saitou
  • Portuguese translation by Luís Santos
  • Croatian translation by Leonardo Ljubičić
  • Spanish translation by Carlos Leon Cranbourne
  • Romanian translation by Delia Duca
  • If you'd like to help with translations in more languages, you can contact me.

Testing and feedback

  • Bahadır Kaplan
  • Ed Chang
  • Felix Kleinschmidt
  • Gabriel Loy
  • Jens Lieberum
  • Martin Justesen
  • Oliver Koeller
  • quarterplay367
  • Stefan Thede
  • Wolfram Bernhardt

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