General Government

General Government chess championships were Nazi tournaments held during World War II in occupied central Poland. Hans Frank, the Governor-General of General Government, was the patron of those tournaments because he was an avid chess player. The competition began when he organized a chess congress in Krakow on 3 November 1940. Six months later Frank announced the establishment of a chess school under Chess grandmasters, Yefim Bogolyubov and Alexander Alekhine.

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Tournament Year Location Winner(s)
General Government Championship 1944 Radom (Poland) Efim Bogoljubov
General Government Championship 1943 Krynica (Poland) Josef Lokvenc
General Government Championship 1942 Warsaw, Lublin and Krakow (Poland) Alexander Alekhine
General Government Championship 1941 Krakow and Warsaw (Poland) Alexander Alekhine
Paul Felix Schmidt
General Government Championship 1940 Krakow, Krynica and Warsaw (Poland) Anton Kohler
Efim Bogoljubov