Bu Xiangzhi

Bu Xiangzhi is a Chinese chess player. In 1999, he became the 10th grandmaster from China at the age of 13 years, 10 months and 13 days, at the time the youngest in history. In April 2008, Bu and Ni Hua became the second and third Chinese players to pass the 2700 Elo rating line, after Wang Yue.

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Carlsen, Magnus - Bu Xiangzhi
World Rapid 2017, Riyadh KSA
Bu Xiangzhi - Zhao Jun
5th Hainan Danzhou 2014, Danzhou CHN
Bu Xiangzhi - Gelfand, Boris
IMSA World Masters Rapid, Hengshui CHN
Fang, Yan - Bu Xiangzhi
TCh-CHN 2017, China CHN
Bu Xiangzhi - McShane,L
9th Aeroflot Open A, Moscow RUS
Ivanchuk, Vassily - Bu Xiangzhi
4th M-Tel Masters, Sofia BUL
Areshchenko,A - Bu Xiangzhi
World Teams 2013, Antalya TUR
Bu Xiangzhi - Jakovenko, Dmitry
10th World Teams 2015, Tsaghkadzor ARM
Bu Xiangzhi - Ma Qun
ch-CHN Rapid 2019, Shenyang CHN