Pillsbury's mate (1 move)

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In Pillsbury's mate, a rook checkmates the king. A bishop (or a queen on the diagonal) prevents the escape.


This checkmate pattern is named after Harry Nelson Pillsbury.
A game Pillsbury - Newman reached this position:

Here Renaud and Kahn, in the book "The Art of Checkmate", give the following continuation (although Pillsbury won in a different way):
17.Qf3!! Qxf3 18.Rg1+ Kh8 19.Bg7+ Kg8 20.Bxf6+ Qg4 21.Rxg4#

The original Pillsbury's mate.
The bishop on f6 guards the escape square h8.


Black can deliver Pillsbury's mate with Re1#.
The queen on c7 guards the escape square h2.
The bishop can be replaced with a queen on the diagonal, and the pattern remains the same.

White can deliver discovered Pillsbury's mate with Bf7#.
The bishop discovers the mate from the rook and also guards the escape square g8.

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