Escape from checkmate threat

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Prevent checkmate by escaping with the king

In this level, your opponent is threatening checkmate in one move.

How can you defend against this kind of threat?
There are five main ways to defend against checkmate in one move:

  1. Protect the square where checkmate is threatened.
  2. Capture one of the pieces threatening checkmate.
  3. Escape with the king.
  4. Make an escape square for the king.
  5. Block one of the pieces threatening checkmate.

In this level, you have to escape with the king.


White is threatening Qh8#.
Black could play Nh7 to block the queen from h8, but that would lose the knight to Qxh7+.
Black's only good move is to escape with the king by playing Kf8.
If White now plays Qh8+, Black's king can escape further to e7.

Black is threatening Damiano's bishop mate with Qg2# or Qh1#.
White's only way to prevent checkmate is to escape with the king with Kf1.
If Black now gives check with Qg2+ or Qh1+, White's king can escape further with Ke2 (if Qg2+, Ke1 is also possible).

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