Counter attack

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In this level, your opponent is attacking one or more of your pieces. Your only defence is a counter attack.


Black just played the queen fork Qc6, attacking the unprotected rook on h1 and knight on c3.
The only defence is Rd1, with a counter attack on the black rook.
If Black trades rooks with Rxd1, the knight can recapture and run away with Nxd1.
If Black moves the rook to a safe square, White has gained time to protect the knight.

Black has just played Rb7, attacking the queen which is now trapped.
The only defence is Bd7, with a counter attack on the black queen.
If Black captures the bishop with Qxd7, the queen is deflected away from protecting the rook, which White could now take with Qxb7, winning an exchange. Instead, Black should capture the queen with Rxa7, but then White can regain the queen with Bxc6.