"国际象棋99%是战术" - 理查德·泰希曼



Puzzle Inception: Practice positional evaluation and tactical alertness!

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Checkmate Armageddon: A timed chess puzzle mode to save the world!

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Master Chess Tactics with Puzzle Academy

  • Your personalized learning solution
  • Systematically learn key tactical motifs and master them through personalized workout sessions.
  • Tracks your progress and adapts to your strengths and weaknesses
  • Progress through an adaptable skill tree with 8 courses and over 200,000 puzzles
  • Experience a comprehensive curriculum, from fundamentals to advanced tactics and endgames
  • Master complex and beautiful combinations with multiple tactical motifs
  • Learn spectacular checkmate combinations by combining tactical motifs and checkmate patterns
Start Learning with Puzzle Academy


  • 训练你的战术警觉性和位置评估能力
  • 学会在真实比赛中何时寻找战术
  • 在不知道是否有战术的情况下评估位置
  • 提高你在比赛中的决策能力
深入探索 Puzzle Inception

使用Puzzle Filter自定义你的训练

  • 选择难度
  • 掌握特定图案,如骑士叉
  • 练习将死图案,如被闷死的将军
  • 探索你最喜欢的开局中的战术
  • 解锁无数个性化训练的可能性

用Puzzle Climb提升你的专注力

  • 测试你的战术能力
  • 提高你的专注力
  • 别急
  • 掌握挑战性的拼图
  • 攀登排行榜
玩Puzzle Climb

Puzzle Practice

  • 提高你的视力和计算能力
  • 获得评分以监测你的进步
  • 根据你的技能水平量身定制的拼图
  • 欣赏美丽的象棋拼图

Checkmate Armageddon

  • 练习将军模式
  • 快节奏游戏:每一步都充满高风险刺激
  • 初学者和专家都可以享受这种肾上腺素激增的游戏模式
  • 攀爬排行榜
  • 释放你内心的国际象棋英雄,拯救世界免于末日
Checkmate Armageddon

New feature: Endgame training

With Puzzle Academy, you can now practice endgames with a large number of examples, honing your endgame skills until they become second nature. This is much more effective than just reading about endgames in a book and hoping to remember the key concepts in the heat of a game.

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